Monday, August 29, 2005

Joash Kunju
Joash along with other children(sisters-extreme left and extreem right)
Age & Date of Birth: 12 years, 12 September 1992
Diagnosed as dyslexic- difficulty in spelling/ phonemes.
Last time tested Joash’s IQ was above average- 100

Brief profile:
Joash is very creative, out going and got very good visual memory, got a flavor for learning new things including computer and electronics. He is very loving and compassionate to the needy. He learns things and can recollect and tell what he learned.
He has basic and above average oral communication skills. He is explorative, and asks lots of questions about technology, science, space and how things are made and how things work. He likes skating, electronics and to work with mechanisms.

He tries to avoid all writing and reading tasks including the class work. He is always occupied with repairs and making things. This also leads his parents to a lot of disciplinary matters. They struggle to manage his learning process and find out the right tutor for him.

The last report of the principal along with the TC, says he has leadership qualities.

He has difficulty in spellings and therefore avoids any normal reading writing situations.
His writing can be read phonetically. Eg. Ochen or oshen for ocean.

Joash’s parents are missionaries. His father was involved in mission journalism, teaching and production of mobilization tools for missions. He works with a mission agency and leads the research and communications. Joash has two sisters, aged ten, and three years.

Early schooling:
The parents identified him with difficulty in the writing and reading and took for professional assessment at class 2 ages and later at class 4. He was assessed at Child Care Center at Cochin with ADD but dyslexia was not confirmed. Later at NIMHANS, Bangalore, he was confirmed to be dyslexic with some degree of attention deficiency. The tests were continued in another center in their home state. His IQ was 100 when tested last. He is identified to have more of auditory learning orientation. All other tests were proved to be normal.

Moving to a Learning Center:
Since there was difficulty in continuing with the normal stream, , after the 4th standard, Joash was withdrawn from the normal stream and put in a learning center. He stayed with a family as a paying guest and attended the School which had 15 children.

Present School:
Since the family had to move to the northern part of the country, Joash too had to moved. He was given a Transfer certificate to join class VI. He goes to a normal school but needs a special qualified tutor. The director of the school had promised that he would see that no teacher would put him down. But we have to take extra efforts in teaching him. The school with some facility for SLD is too expensive too far away for us to consider. The parents seek genuine help and wisdom in helping the child. As missionaries, they are not able to afford the special school- only one told to be the ideal- which is on a hill station in South India.

Joash has a great vision for his own future but not able to settle or match his schedule towards it. His parents struggle in managing his academics. If you have access to some tools and resources or willing to offer help this family in educating their son at the right place, kindly contact them.

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